Jacuzzis | Al Wahaa Pools L.L.C


Our Jacuzzis are high quality, state of the art concrete providing elegant, professionally constructed and aesthetically flexible designs to fit the setting and client demand. We offer different types of Jacuzzi System that is extensively used in households, hotels, cruise ships and many other establishment. These systems are ideal for providing the body relief from pain and body aches.Jacuzzi baths and spas are more than just getting clean. The high-performance products celebrate the water's ability to refresh and rejuvenate in inspiring ways. . The main purpose of a whirlpool tub is to relax and massage your tired muscles. Slip into the swirling waters of this spa and make memories that will last a lifetime. Get the hydrotherapy that you need and relax after a long day.

Planning & Designing

We specialize in Jacuzzi construction that can be constructed outdoor as well as indoor. It is the water body that is fitted with piping, water jet and electric pump. The underwater jet circulates the water through the pipes using the underwater suction. Latest technology, design and best quality material is used in the construction. We also custom design the water body as per the requirement of client.


24-hour filtration and circulation pump Specially designed jets for body massage, a water filtration system has been designed to process, filter and redistribute clean water back into the spa to ensure it is always clean and ready for use. skimmer housing ensures a clean spa, free of surface oils and dir optional ozonation system to maintaining water purity optional water heating systems.

  • Concrete Jacuzzi Spa Construction
  • Construction of Jacuzzi Tub in Brickwork & masonry
  • Plumbing of Jacuzzi ring with Jacuzzi Jets & proper pressure testing
  • Laying of Mains Inlet to the Tub preferably 1 1/2" Line
  • Laying of Drain Line of the Tub preferably 2" Line Lying of Operating Cabling as from tub to plant room
  • Lying of Under Water Lights sockets
  • Water Proofing of Tub Connection of Filter with Multi Port Valve
  • Pump Connection of Control Panel & Mains Cable to the panel .Connection of jacuzzi heater.